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Sat Mar 12 21:00:10 PST 2005

On Sat, 12 Mar 2005, Chuck Robey wrote:

> Are pacakges going to be generated, for 2.10, for arch=amd64?

Maybe I ought to explain my motivation for the request .... I would very
much like to run 2.10, but I only just now got 2.8 working nicely, and the
most likely happening, I think, is that I will break 2.8 by installing of
of the 2.10 ports, but have some bug or other prevent 2.10 from

I should have phrased my request more defensively ... I know that, if I
wanted to try to build from the gnome2 port, I would have to do it in the
'make install' phase, which means that stuff gets installed way before
it's all done.  Is there any method of doing this (building and installing
gnome 2.10), that DOESN'T install until it all builds ok?

Now maybe my package requst might make more sense, because if there IS a
amd64 package, that makes it a heck of a lot more likely to not leave me
hanging, right?

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