Changes to MoFo ports

Jose M Rodriguez josemi at
Sun Jul 24 10:27:44 GMT 2005


Seems that, at last, I'll get some time to work on FreeBSD 

I've allready some notes on MoFo ports to comment before going on.


  - I think that the actual chrome reg must be change:

    + move the chrome reg code to
	so we can share it with ports like enigmail via source/invoke
	from pkg scripts

    + use a chrome.d/ for installed-chrome.txt re-generation
	move initial installed-chrome.txt to chrome.d/
	use chrome.d/<nn><name>.chrome for aditional chrome
	use chrome.d/<nn><name>.sed to polite installed-chrome.txt before

    + maybe some support for prefs components

    + work some kinda of Makefile.component from the ones out there

Mozilla (seamonkey)

  - add support for localized builds and/or packages
	this will need generated l10n tarballs from MoFo CVS
	and maintain it. (low change rate).

  - take off chazilla support and use and .xpi based approach
	In the main port or in a separate port (irc/chatzilla)
	Use the latest stable maintained code


   - While we can't confirm a good .xpi support from AVIARY_1_1, merge and chrome.d/ from mozilla

   - Change to new intl support (seems fully functional) and let firefox
     auto detect LANG

   - After make this fully functional in seamonkey,
     merge localized builds and/or packages.

   - Try to make firefox the default base for gnome browsers,
     at last, for epiphany.

   - If we need begin the works for AVIARY_1_1,
     repocopy in firefox-devel/thunderbird-devel

   - Think about resurrect the uri-helper port
     more easy integration with non-gnome desktops


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