gnome-config not found (not pkg-config!)

Adam Weinberger adamw at
Mon Jul 4 03:43:51 GMT 2005

Michael Johnson wrote:
> On Jul 3, 2005, at 11:17 PM, David Morse wrote:
>> I'm porting an older gnome application to FreeBSD.  It was written  in 
>> 2001.
>> I'm new to FreeBSD as of yesterday.  I haven't figured out how to ask
>> it 'what pakgage has a file name gnome-config'.  And despite having an
>> apperantly working gnome installation, there is no file named
>> 'gnome-config' anywhere on this system...
>> It looks like pkg-config is the latter-day gnome-config, but its not
>> obvious how to translate the arguments between them.  The usages I
>> need are:
>>   gnome-config --cflags gnome gnomeui
>>   gnome-config --cflags gnomeui
>>   gnome-config --libs gnome gnomeui
> gnome-config is part of x11/gnomelibs
>> Gnome-config, where are you?  : (

gnome-config was axed, because it had a very limited scope. pkg-config 
can now be used by any number of programs. An app or library needs only 
to install a .pc file, and pkg-config will take care of the rest.

Your syntax is very close to being right. First of all, the package 
names have changed so that they're not entirely gnome-specific. For 
example, you won't find a "gnomeui" package. Instead, it's called 
libgnomeui-2.0 or something (locate libgnomeui | grep "\.pc$" will do 
the trick).

--cflags and --libs still behave as expected, but the behaviour of 
--version has changed. --version gives the version of pkg-config itself; 
to ascertain the version of program foo (in foo.pc), you'd use 
pkg-config --modversion foo.

Does this help?

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