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Fri Jan 7 12:50:10 PST 2005

On Fri, 07 Jan 2005 12:45:35 -0700, James Earl <james at> wrote:

> Has anyone else experienced GNOME anomalies or ghosts in the form of  
> what looks like a drag-n-drop going across part of the screen?  And no,  
> I don't do drugs!  :)
> I think the only time I experience them is when using GIMP, and I've  
> noticed them for as long as I've been using GNOME and The GIMP.
> I'm just curious more than anything, to know if anyone else has noticed  
> this?

I have seen this similar bug in Liferea very long time ago, but Liferea  
developer has fixed those weird 'ghost' bugs by a major clean up the  
drag-n-drop code, memory freed, pointers and etc. So, I think it's more  
like GIMP bug rather than in GNOME desktop. You might want to check in  
GIMP bugzilla, if there is nothing then you can go ahead report over there.


> James

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