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Fernan Aguero wrote:
| Hi!
| I have what I consider to be a lightly customized gnome
| desktop. I just added a few buttons/launchers to the top
| panel for some apps I use all the time: mutt, firefox, gaim
| and xterm.
| Some of these buttons (firefox, gaim) were added by
| right-clicking on the panel and selecting 'Add to Panel' ->
| 'Application Launcher'. This adds a launcher for a program
| that is already in the GNOME menu.
| The other launchers (mutt, xterm) were added by adding a
| 'Custom Application Launcher' to the panel and then
| selecting an icon.
| The problem now is that when you launch these applications
| only those in the GNOME menu 'remember' their icons and show
| them in other places (like in the bottom panel where the
| open windows are listed, or when you switch programs using
| Alt+Tab):
| What kind of magic is needed to make the icon associated
| with a custom launcher show everywhere? Or perhaps this is
| not possible?

I don't think this is possible.  In order for me to put custom icons on
my various terminal launchers, I had to add those icons to each terminal
profile.  It was work, but worth the effort.  Personally, I think this
is a bug with GNOME, but haven't yet got annoyed enough to officially


| Thanks,
| Fernan
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