FreeBSD Port: mozilla-1.7.5_1,2

Dmitriy Shnayder dis5149 at
Thu Jan 6 03:55:50 PST 2005

I have obtained the latest version of the ports tree, and compiled and installed 
this version of Mozilla. The previous version I had was mozilla-1.6_4,2. The 
"make" and "make install" commands succeeded, but now there is a problem. When I 
open a new mail window via the "File->New->Message" menu, the window for 
composing the message does not appear. Instead, the "Window" menu has a new 
entry, "2      " (no title).

I have actually tried upgrading Mozilla from the ports tree several times 
before, with the same result. Is there a missing dependency that I need to 
install, or should I try installing Mozilla 1.8 instead?

Dmitriy Shnayder

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