Blank pages when printing from AbiWord

Scott I. Remick scott at
Sat Feb 12 12:54:26 PST 2005

AbiWord 2.2.3
cups 1.1.23

For a while now I have been unable to print from AbiWord. I get no errors,
but only blank pages (the number of which correspond with the number of
pages in the document). In fact, even print preview shows a blank page(s),
so I suspect the problem to be AbiWord. I've tried changing fonts but that
doesn't help.

I can print from other apps, such as Firefox, just fine. I have an HP
LaserJet 1012 and I used to be able to print from AbiWord.

Because I'm not getting any error, I'm not sure what to go on. I did a
search on Google but didn't come up with anything except one guy last year
who had the same problem on Debian, but got on responses. 

Any guidance?

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