some more patches for firefox

Jeremy Messenger mezz7 at
Mon Aug 15 03:58:10 GMT 2005

On Wed, 10 Aug 2005 00:41:00 -0500, Mikhail T. <mi at>  

> I have some more patches for firefox. The most significant difference
> is avoiding to extract/compile Mozilla's own implementation of libm
> (descendant of the same stuff we have in /usr/src/lib/msun).
> I'm also fixing a handful of warnings, but firefox still hangs on
> occasion and, in light of my earlier e-mail (viz. Deer Park) it,
> probably, makes little sense to pursue it.

If you are insteresting to fix the warnings and other stuff, then can you  
please submit those patches to the Mozilla bugzilla?

> My update is at
> It will create a handful of new files/patch-warnings* patches. I'm not
> sure, if these are truly helpful, however (other new patches, probably,
> are). Firefox may hang on startup (or shortly after) with or without
> them.
> It _seems_, the misbehavior is less frequent, when I use these extra
> warning-patches (I have both version installed in parallel), but it may
> just be my perception.
> Take a look, please, and see if these changes make sense to you... It
> may be worth it to re-arrange the hunks and/or rename the patch-files.
> 	-mi
> P.S. I do not think, I have Jeremy's nspr vs. firefox-nspr change in
> there -- it would need to be merged in too.

I'll trying to merge with your new change tomorrow or next day. I haven't  
check as I have arrived home this evening.

BTW: I also fixed Liferea with your firefox patch to get Liferea compiles.  
The rest GNOME 2.11.x can compile your firefox just fine so far.


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