New splash screens for GNOME 2.8

Franz Klammer klammer at
Wed Sep 15 02:43:06 PDT 2004

Vladimir Grebenschikov wrote:
> В вт, 14/09/2004 в 20:27 -0400, Joe Marcus Clarke пишет:
>>Thus far, we only have two new entries for the GNOME 2.8 splash screen. 
>>This joins the existing splash screen as candidates.  Splash screen
>>submissions are still welcome, and the final splash will be decided by a
>>vote of any and all FreeBSD GNOME users.
>>Votes for the current splash: 0
>>New splash screens provided by Radek Kozlowski <radek at>:
>>Votes for gnome28-splash-freebsd-grey.png: 0
>>Votes for gnome28-splash-freebsd-red.png: 0
>>Let the games begin!
> I am vote for current splash. Both new splashes are "too monotonic" for
> me, may be red daemon on gray splash will be not bad. Also a lot of
> "gnome" words on background is not too good for me too. I like idea with
> grayed icons of gnome components (as on current splash).

glad to read this! thanks! :-)

here as an other idea a splash i played a little bit
after the first request for a new splash screen.
i don't sent it to the list because i didn't really
like it but now i think why not.

i took the 2.6-splash and FreeBSDified it a little

maybe that's also a way to for a gnome/fbsd splash?

the problem with this is that we must wait for the new
splash or in other words we can only create it after 2.8
is out and then maybe the layout of the next original
splash is so different that it isn't possilble to do it
in this way.



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