Frequent errors w/ Gaim (ICQ)

Joe Marcus Clarke marcus at
Wed Sep 1 09:32:23 PDT 2004

On Wed, 2004-09-01 at 11:22, Simon Barner wrote:
> Update:
> I am using a different proxy server now, but this doesn't fix my
> problem.
> But I was able to narrow it down a bit: The error occurs when somebody sends
> me a German umlaut (like ä, ü, ö), even with LC_ALL=de_DE.ISO8859-15.
> Tonight, I will diff gaim 0.82.1 and 0.81x (which was the last working
> revision), and see if I can pinpoint the cause of error.

I can confirm that 8-bit Latin characters work just fine for me in AIM,
MSN, Sametime, and Yahoo!.  Perhaps this is just ICQ specific, but I
don't have an ICQ account.  However, in looking at Gaim CVS, I don't see
any relevant ICQ-specific changes that would account for this.

The only post-0.82 change I see that is related to this deals with
non-ASCII offline messages.  However, that doesn't seem like this exact


> Simon
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