two problems about vino in GNOME 2.8 of CVS

Gavin Mu at
Wed Oct 20 07:18:10 PDT 2004

hi, I installed GNOME 2.8 in CVS
there's some problems about it.
when I run:
gavin# pkg_info |grep vino
vino-2.8.1          A GNOME 2 frontend for vncviewer
I think vino is a GNOME 2 vnc server:), not a vncviewer  ;)
gnome-vnc-viewer is a client.
After I closed vncviewer, even closed X, but I can still find the user
used in VNC:
gavin# w
10:05PM  up 10 days,  6:29, 3 users, load averages: 0.04, 0.02, 0.00
USER             TTY      FROM              LOGIN@  IDLE WHAT
gavin            p0     9:52PM     - w
root             p1       :0.0              5:53PM  4:06 -
gavin            p3       :0.0              9:01PM  1:04 -

any suggestion?

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