FreeBSD Port: firefox-1.0_3,1

Paul J. Pathiakis pathiaki at
Mon Nov 29 07:40:40 PST 2004

On Monday 29 November 2004 10:16, Adam Weinberger wrote:
> Paul J. Pathiakis wrote:
> > Gentlemen:
> > 
> >  as an install option with firefox and mozilla (in the handy curses type startup in the install 
> > screen), mozdev.  Please make it an option.  It is one of the most useful tools to integrate these
> > apps into any desktop.  Love mozilla/firefox, hate konqueror, like KDE's Kmail for it's simplicity.
> > Click on mailto: line and, if defined in mozdev, works BEAUTIFULLY!!!!
> > 
> >  mozdev is in the ports collection in www
> The curses menu you see when you begin building firefox and mozilla 
> contains build-time configuration options, not a selection of ports to 
> install afterwards. If you want mozdev, simply install it.
> # Adam

 understood.  However, many buildtime configuration options in several ports, install other
ports (or so it seems) to extend capabilities.  Mozdev's  existence was something that I was 
not aware of until yesterday.  I had tried to figure out how to build it's functionality into firefox
and mozilla off and on for a couple of months.  (Let's face it, we're all happy that there's over
12,000 ports now, however, I don't believe anyone outside the project knows all of them now
and the search engine, like all search engines, is only good if you know what you're searching 
for.)  If you check on the net (google, etc), this capability has been sorely lacking and a long
time problem.  It seems only recently have people become aware of mozdev.  It is EXTREMELY
useful in creating a desktop environment where Mozilla and/or Firefox can more easily become
and integral part.  I believe that this as a build time option/dependency brings quite a bit to 
Mozilla/Firefox.  (I'm actually pretty appalled at the mozilla project for not having this as
part of their code.  It's actually pretty silly in this day and age to say we don't extend or allow

 Paul Pathiakis

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