[kde-freebsd] X related scripts in Xclients ports

Alexander Leidinger Alexander at Leidinger.net
Mon Nov 15 08:01:15 PST 2004

Zitat von Andy Fawcett <andy at athame.co.uk>:

> I'm in complete agreement with Lauri on this one. I fail to see where
> the improvement is, and if anything it makes things worse because of
> For me, I don't want to see such a change.

You're talking about policy, Jose talks about features.

>From a feature point of view: you don't have to use it. If you feel more
comfortable to use /etc/ttys, you're still free to use it (with or without
the work of Jose going officially into FreeBSD).

I see an improvement here: we're starting most programs/services from
(LOCALBASE)/etc/rc.d/, why should we make an exception for [xkg]dm?
Exceptions are not good for new users.

It's also more easy to start and stop with a rc.d script than with
/etc/ttys (less characters to type). You may not need to start/stop
it often, but when you have to, it's IMO more comfortable.


BTW.: Before I switched to gdm, I've used a start-script for xdm since
a long time... maybe 3 or 4 years.
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