Want to play w/ Coaster? Here's a port of it.

Jeremy Messenger mezz7 at cox.net
Fri Nov 12 01:22:14 PST 2004


I have created Coaster port: http://www.coaster-burn.org .. I haven't  
tweak some stuff yet such as change default /var/tmp/ to ~/.coaster/ for  
the ISO create like what I did with the nautilus-cd-burner. I am not going  
to learn C++, so I am going to let someone w/ C++ knowledge to take care  
of it. Anyway, beside the /var/tmp/, it works great so far for me.

You will have to install bakery-devel first, which I made a repo copy from  


I don't know if I should put coaster in the ports tree yet, because  
current it depends on nautilus-cd-burner for temporary and later the  
author will switch back to libburn/libcoaster when those get stable with  
the newer Linux kernel. I personal have no idea how will libburn will work  
with FreeBSD as I haven't done any of homework.

BTW: A hint for hack of change /var/tmp/ to ~/.coaster/, I believe it's in  
${WRKSRC}/src/backends/nautilus.cc ..

Have fun!


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