SOLVED Re: cla update and problem

Piotr Smyrak piotr.smyrak at
Wed Nov 3 03:29:40 PST 2004

On Thu, 21 Oct 2004 19:14:46 +0200, Koop Mast
<kwm at>  wrote:

> Op wo, 20-10-2004 te 00:17 +0200, schreef piotr.smyrak at
> > 
> > Here comes attached an update for contact-lookup-applet to 0.9.
> Updated, but I'm wondering why you didn't send it to me directly
> (I'm the maintainer) instead of this list. Not that I find this a
> big problem I'm just wondering.
> > When I built it and tried to use - it reminded me, that it
> > stopped working for me a few days ago after updating some parts
> > of my Gnome 2.8. 
> > 
> > The applet sits in the panel, but the text box is grayed and one
> > cannot type in. Are you familiar with it?

Finally with the help of updated cla to version 0.10, I solved my
problems with inactive applet. The new version sports a warning when
the applet is added to a panel, and there is no address book
selected for autocompletion (Evolution: Tools > Settings >

It seems like Burtonini was nailed by more lamas (I don't feel alone
anymore :-) since he put this warning into the applet.

PS: KWM, did you get my mail with update patch for 0.10?

thanks for all the help,
 Piotr Smyrak
 piotr.smyrak at

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