FireFox port freezes

Ed Ryan epr at
Wed Mar 17 12:33:57 PST 2004

The last working version I had was the last version of Firebird. As I
recall, I didn't have any extensions or themes installed, but regardless,
I've removed every trace of the old install and still run into trouble.
  I guess I'll upgrade again and do a portupgrade -a.

Ed Ryan

On Tue, 16 Mar 2004, Joe Marcus Clarke wrote:

> Well, I upgraded to today's -CURRENT, and tried Firefox again, and it
> still works.  I even tried corrupting some component libraries, changing
> their permissions, and zeroing them out.  Every time, Firefox failed
> with a proper error, and never crashed.
> When did this work?  If it used to work, what previous version used to
> work?  What other Phoenix/Firebird/Firefox extensions or themes have you
> installed?  If any, what happens when you uninstall them?

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