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Vladimir B. Grebenschikov vova at fbsd.ru
Mon Feb 9 23:49:19 PST 2004

В пн, 09.02.2004, в 21:40, Joe Marcus Clarke пишет:

> > Related question:
> > It the way to renew (build from scratch) gnome menu 
> > (both personal and system). Doing regular portupgrade I have awful menu
> > contents (for example System menu have 5 or more times all KDE items
> > without icons). So question, how to rebuild menus automaticaly ?
> You can rebuild gnomevfs2 with -DWITHOUT_KDE_MENUS to remove KDE menu
> integration.  Note: I have committed my changes to gnomevfs2-2.5.6 to
> clean up the KDE menu integration.

How about managing this on per-user basis ?

May be we need set of utilities to join/restore Default Gnome / Default
KDE menus, as well as utility to remove Gnome / KDE default menus on
per-user basis ?

> > 
> > Another question:
> >   How to restore default Desktop ? Due to FS failure I have missed Trash
> > and Home objects form desktop. How to restores them (I succeeded to make
> > Home as link to file:///home/myhome, but fail to make trash, copy
> > ~/Desktop from my home on next fbsd with same packages does not help).
> > Advises are very appreciated.
> At this point you'll probably have to blow away ~/.nautilus, and restart

oops :(
rm -rf ~/nautilus ~/Desktop; killall nautilus
does not help, only start-here: icon appears.

Now I have use gnome from freebsd cvs, not anonymous at creme-brulee.marcuscom.com:/space/cvs/marcuscom-cvs

> Joe


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