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If memory serves me right, Fernan Aguero wrote:
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> | Apologies if this the wrong forum.  This seems like a really simple
> | question but I haven't stumbled across the magic phrase to put into
> | Google that yields the answer.
> mutt current_folder patch

Thanks, I know about mutt.  It's what I use when I want/need a fast
text-mode MUA, and I've got it tricked out to do pretty much everything
I want.  It was especially valuable when doing my MH-to-IMAP migration.

I'm trying to find an IMAP-aware graphical MUA that doesn't make me
rewire my brain too much, coming from exmh.  So far, both Evolution and
Thunderbird come close, but neither of them is perfect for me.  (I'm
less interested in the point-and-drool aspect than the fact that most
GUI MUAs let me compose several messages at the same time I'm reading
something else.)


> Let me see if I understand correctly:
> you want to save your outgoing messages together with the
> messages you receive, so they get threaded together, BUT you
> think that the solution to this is to send a copy of the
> message to yourself?
> IMHO the solution to this is to save each outgoing message
> to whatever mailbox you think it should go.

The mailbox where I think it should go *is* my Inbox!  That's the place
I hold (non mailing list) threads that I'm "thinking about", before I'm
done with them and I file them somewhere else.

All due respect, but I don't need someone to tell me how to manage my
email (like figuring out for me where my outgoing messages should be
saved).  I've used a variety of mail programs on UNIX systems for about
17 years now, starting with mail(1) on 4.2BSD.  I want to figure out how
to make existing tools fit my usage model.

(Yeah, I'm testing out the "save to my INBOX folder" thing with this
message.  Even if this works, the saved message won't go through the
procmail filters on my mail server, but maybe I can live with that.)

> Your MUA (Mail User Agent, in your case, Thunderbird),
> should let you do so. If it doesn't, bug the authors to
> implement it, or do it yourself. 

I did the "do it yourself" thing on exmh for several years.  :-)


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