gnome deps report

h h at
Mon Dec 27 13:57:11 PST 2004

On Monday 27 December 2004 20:16, you wrote:
> On Mon, 27 Dec 2004 18:59:39 +0100, h <h at> wrote:
> > when installing gnome2 from ports on a fresh install, if security/krb5
> > isn't installed beforehand, ximian-connection will fail to build and
> > stop the gnome build.
> We need the more details: What's version of FreeBSD? Where is the log of
> failure built? What's your pkg_info or `ls /var/db/pkg`?

i met the problem on both a 5.3 and a couple of 4.10->11 fresh installs.

i can't reproduce the error anymore, but it goes like this:

- start the build of gnome2 by hitting make install clean
- gnome2 builds stuff, comes to build ximian-evolution
- ximian-evolution build halts on an error of undefined reference to krb5 
- i install krb5 from ports/security, restart the build ximian-evolution 
(which resolves), then the gnome2 can start again

i'll take it installing krb5 before gnome2 prevents the problem

> ximian-connector will install security/heimdal by default in FreeBSD 4.x
> unless you have FreeBSD 5.x, then it will depend on base system.

i suggest gnome2 to add kerberos5 as a dep to allow ximian evolution to build.

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