Getting flash working with Firefox

Clint Olsen clint at
Mon Dec 27 13:25:25 PST 2004

Derrick Edwards wrote:
> 	Clint actually you can have flash up and running by using a couple of  ports. 
> The flashpluginwrapper and linuxpluginwrapper ports do the trick for me. For 
> excellent step by step instructions on setting up flash with 
> flashpluginwrapper go to.... Also, shows you 
> a bunch of other newbie stuff that is great. Check it out.

Ok, I just attempted to get things working, but the ports system is 
complaining about a stale dependency between the linuxpluginwrapper and 
linux_base-7.X.  So, I attempted to install this under the emulators 
section, and the port is labeled as IGNORE.  Historically I've always 
tried to resolve this since it inhibits running some of the helpful 
utilities like pkg_* and port*.


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