GNOME 2.6, gnomevfs2, WebDAV question

Bruce A. Mah bmah at
Fri Aug 27 22:57:39 PDT 2004

On Fri, 2004-04-09 at 16:14, Bruce A. Mah wrote:
> If memory serves me right, Joe Marcus Clarke wrote:

[gnomevfs2 doesn't do WebDAV over HTTPS due to bizarre linking problems]

> > Now for the good news.  I think I've fixed the problems by linking NSS
> > with -Bdynamic.  I'm still shaking things out in mozilla-devel, but if
> > everything looks okay, I'll roll the changes into mozilla, then enable
> > SSL support in gnomevfs2.  In the meantime, if you use mozilla-devel, or
> > you don't care about Galeon or Epiphany, you can change the gnomevfs2
> > Makefile to enable OpenSSL support, and you should be good to go.
> Hmmm...looks like this could turn into a big adventure!  The WebDAV over
> https stuff isn't critical for me, so if I'm feeling bold, I'll try
> this, else I'll wait to pick up your changes when they hit the mozilla
> and gnomevfs2 ports.

I know it's kind of an out-of-the-blue thing, but could I ask the state
of this?  Just implied in my last post, if it were really
critical I would have switched to mozilla-devel as you suggested.



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