Failure of the shared-mime-info-0.14 port

Franz Klammer klammer at
Wed Aug 11 01:58:31 PDT 2004

Ted Brenner wrote:
> Okay, after trying to portupgrade intltool I got the
> following error which I've attached as
> intltool_upgrade.log as well as the config.log and the
> package.log.  It says I need to have a DocBook XML DTD
> installed but I either don't or it isn't register in
> /usr/local/share/xml/catalog.  I'm definitely not sure
> how to fix this.  Any help is greatly appreciated!

seems we must a new strategy: :o)

you can get a list of all your outdated ports with:

# pkg_version -l \<

please check and update everything - expect you won't
upgrade and what you really sure that is don't
needed by gnome.

the ports system and portupgrade is a wonder- and powerful
tools but not perfect. as i don't want upgrade every port
i let give me a list with the command above and then
upgrade all ports - i want - with:

# portupgrade port port port port ...

portupgrade takes care of the dependencies and upgrades
the ports in the correct order.

also you should check from time to time if some
ports are installed twice resp. clean them up.
if you look at your packages.log you can see that
ruby16 and ruby18 is installed.
this special issue i resloved with deinstalling:

# pkg_deinstall -f ruby\* portupgrade

and then do a normal:

# make install clean

from sysutils/portupgrade to get ruby and all other
dependencied installed needed by portupgrade.

at times the same i do with build-only dependencies:

# pkg_deinstall -f autoconf\* automake\*

these ports will be reinstalled if needed and it didn't
take very much time.

once in a while it's also not a bad idea to check for
installed ports that will don't needed any more.

ok think that's anough for now :-) but it's not so much
as it possibly looks like.


> Thanks,
> Ted Brenner
> --- Franz Klammer <klammer at> wrote:
>>Ted Brenner wrote:
>>>Hi the above port failed and it recommend I email
>>>address the following information:  The output of
>>>make command (report.log), the config file
>>>(config.log) and a list of all my packages
>>>(package.log).  I hope this helps.
>>portupgrade intltool (from 0.23 to 0.31.1) should
>>help you.
>>it has a dependency to p5-XML-Parser.
>>>Ted Brenner

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