[screenshot] Gnome 2.6 and Openbox 3.1

Khamushkin Ilya illya at kremenchug.net
Mon Apr 26 05:13:27 GMT 2004

Adam Weinberger wrote:
>>>(04.25.2004 @ 1009 PST): Khamushkin Ilya said, in 0.4K: <<
>>Sorry for third message, but I can't send my screenshot :(
>>Khamushkin Ilya
>>ISP S-NET Ltd., Senior System Administrator
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>>>end of "Re: [screenshot] Gnome 2.6 and Openbox 3.1" from Khamushkin Ilya <<
> It's neat to see GNOME running on top of OpenBox, but right now it looks
> like normal GNOME with a non-pixmapped window theme. Any chance you
> could take a screenshot with the menu open, or something that really
> shows off the fact that it's OpenBox?
> # Adam

http://iluxa.kremenchug.net/shots/gnome_with_openbox2.jpg - window menu
http://iluxa.kremenchug.net/shots/gnome_with_openbox3.jpg - main menu

Khamushkin Ilya
ISP S-NET Ltd., Senior System Administrator

ICQ: 2211123
IRC: iluXa at WeNet

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