update of GNOME ports for non-GNOME users

Adam Weinberger adamw at FreeBSD.org
Tue Apr 20 15:48:46 GMT 2004

>> (04.20.2004 @ 1121 PST): Fernan Aguero said, in 1.1K: <<
> Hi!
> I'm not a gnome user. That is to say that I've never
> installed GNOME myself. However, I use a number of programs
> that depends on gnome libraries or components (USE_GNOME or
> WANT_GNOME set to yes in their Makefiles). The two that come
> to my mind now are gaim (net/gaim) and dia (/graphics/dia).
> But I may have others around.
> Upon trying to upgrade gaim to 0.76_1, portupgrade needs to
> update glib to glib-2.0.400 (glib-2.4.0) and then says that
> if I'm not following the instructions outlined in faq26 I
> should cancel the upgrade. So I did.
> My question is then: should I follow faq26 and run the
> gnome update script? I don't want to end up with GNOME
> installed on my machine. Would the script only update
> installed components and libraries?
> Thank in advance for any suggestion or clarification,
>> end of "update of GNOME ports for non-GNOME users" from Fernan Aguero <<

Fernan -

You're certainly right; the documentation isn't outrightly clear on

The script will only upgrade what is installed. Other than installing
necessary dependencies of programs, it will not install any GNOME
components that you do not already have installed.

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