inkscape needs gcc > 3.0

Alexander Nedotsukov bland at
Fri Apr 16 17:10:14 GMT 2004

Lee Harr wrote:

> Hi;
> Is it very difficult to make a port build with a non-default compiler?
> I reported a crash bug for inkscape-0.38.1 at the inkscape site and
> they say it is too difficult to support the old gcc due to advances
> in C++ support in the 3.* versions.

I just commited small hack wich I believe will improve the situation.
Please cvsup and retest.

> The bug report is here for anyone interested:
> There seem to be some other problems too... like saving as a .ps
> results in a corrupted file... but I am not going to report the bug if
> it may be just a compiler issue.
> Thanks for your time.

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