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Fri Apr 9 23:14:24 GMT 2004

If memory serves me right, Joe Marcus Clarke wrote:
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> On Fri, 2004-04-09 at 17:38, Bruce A. Mah wrote:

[gnomevfs2 doesn't do WebDAV over https]

> > Poking around a bit, I saw where gnomevfs2 is configured with
> > --disable-openssl and --disable-gnutls.  Is it possible that this is=20
> > related?  Why is gnomevfs2 configured this way?  Any other clues for me?
> This is definitely the cause.  SSL support is disabled due to linking
> problems with NSS and OpenSSL.  The problem manifests itself in
> applications such as Galeon and Epiphany.  Anytime OpenSSL and NSS link
> together, bad things tend to happen due to some symbol conflicts.=20


> Now for the good news.  I think I've fixed the problems by linking NSS
> with -Bdynamic.  I'm still shaking things out in mozilla-devel, but if
> everything looks okay, I'll roll the changes into mozilla, then enable
> SSL support in gnomevfs2.  In the meantime, if you use mozilla-devel, or
> you don't care about Galeon or Epiphany, you can change the gnomevfs2
> Makefile to enable OpenSSL support, and you should be good to go.

Hmmm...looks like this could turn into a big adventure!  The WebDAV over
https stuff isn't critical for me, so if I'm feeling bold, I'll try
this, else I'll wait to pick up your changes when they hit the mozilla
and gnomevfs2 ports.



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