ports/58840: [PATCH] exclude possibly unrequireddependenciesfrom x11/gnome2

Stephen Hilton nospam at hiltonbsd.com
Mon Nov 3 05:26:44 PST 2003

On Mon, 03 Nov 2003 20:12:28 +1300
James Pole <james at pole.net.nz> wrote:

> On Mon, 2003-11-03 at 17:57, Adam Weinberger wrote:	
> > The reason that these programs are part of x11/gnome2 and not
> > x11/gnome2-fifth-toe is that, at any point, the GNOME project could
> > start releasing software that assumes that any and all parts of the
> > GNOME desktop/development system are installed.
> We have a ports system that automatically works out the dependicies for
> all the applications in the port collection. If a port requires all the
> features it needs to specify all the features it needs otherwise its a
> broken port.
> While I respect your opinion, I don't agree with it. Not everything
> needs to be installed. Why things like gnomemeeting should be installed
> puzzles me. There should be an *easy* way for users to opt out of
> unneccessary things.
> Plenty of other ports take advantage of WITH_* and/or WITHOUT_* options
> to let users finetune their ports without forcing them to write their
> own Makefiles. Why not x11/gnome2?
> Just because the GNOME project says this or that should be the default,
> doesn't mean that we should not allow users to specify what they don't
> want from the default options.

I admin a Gnome2 system that has no sound card and always has an error 
on Gnome2 desktop startup regarding no sound device.

In an previous exchange I read this:
On Mon, 2003-10-20 at 09:36, Dag-Erling Smørgrav wrote:
> Is there any way to install Gnome (or at least the parts of it that
> are necessary to run Gnome applications, without necessarily using it
> as a desktop) without the horrible abomination that is esound?  Case
> in point: print/ggv2; I simply cannot understand why it requires
> esound.

Esound is a pretty low-level dependency in GNOME, thus all apps that
depend on libgnome, depend on esound.  This does not mean you have to
_use_ esound, though.  You don't have to run the esound daemon.  In
fact, you could add WITHOUT_GNOME=esound to /etc/make.conf, which will
prevent esound-optional apps from depending on it.


These are the 2 lines in the Gnome2 Makefile that reference audio:

gnome-cd:${PORTSDIR}/audio/gnomemedia2 \
${X11BASE}/share/gnome/sounds/question.wav:${PORTSDIR}/audio/gnomeaudio2 \

What is the correct way to handle this problem ?
 (besides adding a sound card ;-)


Stephen Hilton
nospam at hiltonbsd

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