ports/58840: [PATCH] exclude possibly unrequired dependenciesfrom x11/gnome2

James Pole james at pole.net.nz
Sun Nov 2 20:20:38 PST 2003

On Mon, 2003-11-03 at 08:27, Joe Marcus Clarke wrote:
> The list of ports included in the gnome2 meta-port is not arbitrary.  It is
> set by the GNOME release team.  Therefore, I am hesitant to change the 
> meta-port.  Sure, these configurable ports are still installed by default,
> but where does the customization end?  I recommend you create your own 
> meta-port for gnome2, and stick it in /usr/ports/x11  (I use gnome2-marcus).
> Then, you can track that port, and add to it only the components you want.
> In general, you will only have to worry about updating it when major GNOME
> releases come out (twice a year).

Wouldn't it be better to just have gnome2 install everthing by deafult
and include a WITHOUT_${SOMETHING} option for applications that not
*everyone* is likely to use such as accessbily ooptions and certain
other applications. This means that anyone can just set WITHOUT_ options
in their /etc/make.conf -- which is a lot easier than making your own

This idea seems to be a good comprimise from my point of view. Packages
and lazy people will still be able to install the entire GNOME desktop
from the default packages/ports while other people can just add a few
lines to their /etc/make.conf to create their own custom desktop.

Any comments?

- James

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