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Joe Marcus Clarke marcus at FreeBSD.org
Tue Dec 23 21:16:17 PST 2003

On Tue, 2003-12-23 at 23:27, Jeremy Messenger wrote:
> On Wed, 24 Dec 2003 12:02:30 +0800, Khairil Yusof <kaeru at streamyx.com> 
> wrote:
> > On Tue, Dec 23, 2003 at 04:42:19PM -0500, Joe Marcus Clarke wrote:
> >
> >> Once the volumes are mounted, they will show up.  That should have
> >> worked for a long time.  However, I was trying to add the ability of
> >> putting user-mountable volumes (e.g. CD-ROM) on the desktop before they
> >> are mounted (giving the user the option of mounting them from the
> >> desktop).  This is not working for some reason.
> >
> > Here's what I got:
> >
> > User mountable drives show up in the Computer folder, and double
> > clicking on them does try to mount the drives.
> Ahh, I never knew it was in the Computer folder, which I thought it was 
> supposed to be on the desktop. Now, it's there in the Computer folder and 
> I am able to mount it, so it works! When, I mounted it by either click 
> right (menu) -> mount or double click, then a new CD icon will appear in 
> the desktop just like if I mount it by the command line. But, one major 
> problem is that I can't umount it because there's no option to do that but 
> there has an eject option in the right click menu. The eject doesn't work, 
> I get the error following:
> Failed to start command (Click on details) -> Failed to execute child 
> process "eject" (No such file or directory)

Right, but it should unmount none-the-less.  I will fix the "eject"
problem (i.e. remove the error, but we really don't have an eject

> After I clicked 'OK' from the error msg, then it will umount or the mount 
> died by itself. Weird.

Right.  Linux has an eject command that will actually open the CD tray. 
The closest we have the camcontrol command.  This, of course, only works
with SCSI CD-ROMs.

> Khairil, thanks for input about Computer folder that got me check on the 
> CD stuff and should help Joe more. :-)

Indeed.  I had never though to check there.  It's good to know my new
VFS code works.  Now the question becomes, should I add an additional
check to see if the owner of the mount point is the current user?


> Cheers,
> Mezz
> > Apart for vfs syctl, in fstab, I had to fill in the full path to my user
> > mounted dir.
> >
> > /dev/da1s1 /home/kaeru/mnt/camera msdos rw,noauto 0 0
> >
> > I can't however create any type of link to it on the desktop. It fails
> > with a "Unsupported Operation" on a file operation message.
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