fontconfig 2.2.0 on -stable

Joe Marcus Clarke marcus at
Tue Apr 22 16:31:09 PDT 2003

On Tue, 2003-04-22 at 18:06, Mike Hoskins wrote:
> On Tue, 22 Apr 2003, Joe Marcus Clarke wrote:
> > This is an FAQ, and shows you're doing a UNIX no-no.  You should not
> > have '.' in root's path.  If you do want '.' in root's path, you should
> > make it the very last entry.  Chances are it's the first entry in your
> > case.
> I'll re-check the relevant FAQs.  '.' is not in my, nor root's paths, as
> verified by 'echo $PATH' before the 'make install' and/or 'portupgrade'.

Strange.  If you search the mailing list archives for the errors you're
seeing, you'll see '.' was historically the cause.  What is your $PATH
right before running make install (note, some shells may expand the
current working directory from '.' to something like
"/usr/ports/print/freetype2")?  In fact, I just did:

# cd /usr/ports/print/freetype2
# make deinstall
# set path = (. $path)
# make install

And reproduced your error exactly.  Removing '.' from the head for $path
fixed the problem. 

> The real no-no was asking a freetype question here when MAINTAINER is
> someone else.  For that I apologize.  I've sent the previous mail to the
> correct MAINTAINER (sobomax) and hope he has a response.  (Other than
> having '.' in your path. :)

Maxim is on the GNOME team.  We "share" freetype2 responsibilities
sometimes since it's so tightly integrated with GNOME.


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