Error installing port

Joe Marcus Clarke marcus at
Sat Apr 19 13:58:41 PDT 2003

On Sat, 2003-04-19 at 16:54, Bram Moolenaar wrote:
> Joe -
> > > I could try building from sources myself, but that is probably a lot of
> > > work if I can't use the port.  And I don't know how to get an old
> > > version of the port.
> > 
> > Okay, this shouldn't be too bad.  Since I gave you wrong advice before,
> > and since I love vim so much :-).  Here you go.  These should build with
> > XFree86-3.3.x.
> Thanks.  I suppose I just copy these over the files in the ports tree
> that I have and run "make" in the gtk20 dir.  I'll give it a try...

Yep.  Just remove your existing devel/glib20, devel/atk,
x11-toolkits/pango, and x11-toolkits/gtk20, then copy these directories
in their place.

> Ah, dependencies again.  I'll have to remove the pango 2.0.0 that I
> have.

Yep.  Good luck.


> More later...
> - Bram
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