Add new application icon to Gnome-2 Applications Menu

Mezz reigncracks at
Sat Apr 19 12:22:02 PDT 2003

Hey, let's stop CC to -gnome and ahead in the email to each others, ok? It's 
kind of off topic for -gnome, right now. ;-)

However, I have asked you some questions in the another email, so will wait 
for your repsone.


>I installed (not sure of its success see:
>, and followed the
>procedure at
> to get
>flash working, but nothing happens when I attempt to test at:
> no flash.
>Furthermore, pages do not appear to be displaying very well.., There are
>lots of images missing on some, and for others ( the
>page is actually blank. I've not tweaked anything at FILE>PREFERENCES
>menus.., I'm hoping that this is supposed to work with at least the
>default settings.., or are there more steps to get linux-opera7 working?
>Is something still broken?
>What's with the missing images / blank pages?


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