Latest fontconfig and freetype rock

Mezz reigncracks at
Thu Apr 17 11:42:18 PDT 2003

>I had been using a ~/.fonts.conf to turn off anti-aliasing for fonts 
>smaller than 10, since they looked really bad.
>With the latest versions (fontconfig-2.1.94 and freetype-2.1.4) the auto 
>hinting and antialiasing has GREATLY improved. Fonts look spectacular even 
>at lower sizes.

Cool, looks like I will need to upgrade the fontconfig sooner. There's 
something flaw in Xft2/Fontconfig, thought. The flaw is black background and 
white font, it renders worst and suck. It's one of my most annony. I heard 
that Keith (author of Fontconfig) and X team are going to work on this issue 
(I think render issue).


>If anyone has been using a similar work around as me, comment out the 
>option in fonts.conf (comments in XML are <!-- -->) and give it a shot.

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