Portupgrade of Dia et al results in long delay afterrunningstartx [Was ports/50604]

Stacey Roberts stacey at vickiandstacey.com
Sat Apr 5 13:47:44 PST 2003

Hi Mezz..,

On Sat, 2003-04-05 at 21:57, Mezz bsdforums.org wrote:
> >Hello,
> >      I was just reading some docs at FreeBSD/Gnome, and realised that I
> >should probably post the follwing information that might not have been
> >submitted in the PR:
> >
> >ENV output:
> >$ env
> >
> ><snip>
> >
> >$
> >
> >Package list:
> >/var/db/pkg $ ls
> >total 9858
> >
> ><snip>
> >
> >/var/db/pkg $
> >
> >Last time of cvsup of ports tree: Apr  5 17:01
> >
> >Summary of problem:
> >Since running of portsupgrade of those Gnome ports (Dia) that were
> >listed as requiring updating after lifting of freeze, I have been
> >experiencing delays (2.5 - 3 mins) between running "startx" and Gnome
> >actually launching.
> >
> >Just hoping to provide as much information as I can. Let me know if
> >there's anything else I can provide.
> Hey Stacey! Aren't you the same person over at bsdforums.org? :-)

Yep.., that's me!

> Anyway, how about include your 'uname -a' too? It's really hard to find 
> what's your problem, because I don't see anything wrong. When, you exit 
> Gnome/X and did you see any of error msg? I don't think it has to do with 
> Dia, because it doesn't startup with Gnome. There must be something 
> different that you have updated beside Dia.

Sorry about that., my earlier post was supposed to supplement the PR I
had submitted on the Dia issue. Here's the uname info:
$ uname -a
FreeBSD <snip> 4.8-RC FreeBSD 4.8-RC #0: Sat Mar 22 12:10:35 GMT 2003
root@<snip>:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/HAMMER  i386

I'm in touch with Marcus on this.., Its really puzzling this.., I'd been
using Gnome-1.x (now Gnome-1.4) on this box for hard on two years
without problems.., but yesterday on release of the code freeze, I
started portupgrading those apps that needed updating.

When I started updating Dia, I hit some problems with the fact that the
new Dia (I'd also been using Dia for close to a year) was in fact, now a
Gnome-2 port. I did whatever procedures Marcus recommended I perform to
get that to work (including clearing out /tmp).

However, on attempting to log back into X, I there is this delay now
(2.5 - 3 mins) where the black & white screen with the big X cursor just
sits there.., doing nothing.., Then the Gnome startup GUI appears and
its all as normal.

Marcus appears to be looking at a name resolution issue, but this box
hasn't had a network reconfig in months. I know it was working fine,
becuase I had updated for the sendmail / openssl vulnerabilities only a
couple of weeks ago.

Let me know if there's any more info you can use, okay?



> Cheers,
> Mezz
> >Regards,
> >
> >Stacey
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