another galeon2 spinner problem

Glenn Johnson gjohnson at
Tue Apr 1 11:47:34 PST 2003

I just set up a system at work that had a fresh hard drive.  I installed
FreeBSD-5.0 RELEASE and then immediately updated to -current.  It is
current as of today.  I installed Gnome2 fresh.  This was done about 2
weeks ago.  I have kept the ports up to date via cvsup/portupgrade.  The
galeon2 program does not show the spinner; it never has on this system.

I had this problem on my home system.  In that case the spinner
disappeared after an update of bonobo.  Subsequent updates fixed this
and my system at home has the spinner in galeon2.  The system at home
was not a fresh install of Gnome-2.2 as it had gone through Gnome-2.1
first, via marcuscom.  What might be missing on this freshly installed


Glenn Johnson
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