AbiWord port and Gnome

Franz Klammer klammer at webonaut.com
Tue Apr 1 01:57:38 PST 2003

Am Di, 2003-04-01 um 11.25 schrieb Dan Naumov:
> Hello


> I've been wondering whether the AbiWord port is ever going to get a
> WITHOUT_GNOME option ? Many linux vendors offer both AbiWord-gnome and
> AbiWord-gtk packages. It'd be very nice if there was a WITHOUT_GNOME

WITHOUT_GNOME is a global knob. you can set it in /etc/make.conf.

Both ports AbiWord and AbiWord2 are only building the gnome stuff
if gnome are really installed but they check in different ways:

AbiWord1: works with WANT_GNOME and HAVE_GNOME knobs is gnome is
          not installed or WITHOUT_GNOME is set the build only
          the gtk-port.
AniWord2: looks if nautilus and gal2 is installed in this port
          if yes then build AbiWord-gnome else build AbiWord-gtk.
          here you can also set WITH_GNOME explicitly.


> option in the FreeBSD port, as I don't want to install all that Gnome
> stuff on my system.
> Sincerely
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