Automatic Geli?

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Tue Apr 10 22:25:52 UTC 2012


The ideia is: you can run the system but you cannot access the sources 
inside it, what is very interesting when you work with PHP, for example.

So, when machine is off nobody can read data from it because it is encrypted.

When you turn the machine on it automatically enter a passphase or key 
witch are hidden somewhere that we cannot detect! Amazing!

My guess is that the keys/passphrase are compiled inside the kernel, so 
it´s quite impossible to access it, but at the same time you can use the

I used the system without internet access and it mounted the partition 
ok! That´s why I think that the "magic" is in the kernel! 

Any ideas how it´s done?


> Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2012 23:14:23 +0100
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> Subject: Re: Automatic Geli?
> On Mon, 9 Apr 2012 18:34:10 +0000
> Fa bio wrote:
> > Is it possible to recompile geli/kernel to automatically enter with
> > password and/or key? 
> If that's done you no longer have encryption, you have obfuscation,
> with the option to reinstate encryption. 
> > If you see a cache system called SpeedR
> > (, in their site you can download
> > the ISO and burn it to a CD
> > (
> > 
> >  
> > It´s very interesting, because all partitions are encrypted with
> > Geli, but there is no passphrase to enter at boot time or key
> > directions in loader.conf file.
> > ... 
> > How is it possible?
> I think the more important question is why. I don't see a good reason
> for encrypting caching software, except maybe as part of a scheme for
> enforcing  their licensing.
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