merge geom redboot and map at at
Wed Mar 30 16:15:16 UTC 2011


geom_redboot and geom_map
( -
based on redboot)

Do same things: allow access to memory blocks on cfi/spi flash like
partitions on disk.
Redboot 	- Flash Image System (FIS), stored on flash
Map		- like linux MTD, blocks (partitions) table hardcoded via

I can merge them together into one geom.
geom_flash, for example.

Addition build flags may be:

If redboot and map not excluded, then first node will see hardcoded in
hints, then try to read FIS from flash.

I need your opinions, suggestions and help with testing and including code
to main stream source tree.

PS: I can test only "map" part on my Agestar LB2.

Rozhuk Ivan

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