Good configurable I/O benchmark?

Lev Serebryakov lev at
Sat Dec 18 21:43:22 UTC 2010

Hello, Bruce.
You wrote 19 декабря 2010 г., 0:40:03:

>>   Is here any good I/O benchmark? What do I mean by `good':
>>  (1) Multiprocess workloads with different workloads per processe
>> (thread) (a) Sequential R or W.
>>    (b) Random R and W with configurable R:W ratio.
>>    (c) Configurable min/max/avg distance seek in random workloads.
>>  (2) All above with configurable block size.
>>  (3) All of above with configurable I/O queue depth.
> It sounds like sysutils/fio should do a lot of that.
  Thank  you.  "sysutils" is last place I would have though of looking
  at (I've looke at "benchmarks").

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