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Critical problems
Serious problems

S Tracker      Resp.      Description
o kern/73177   geom       kldload geom_* causes panic due to memory exhaustion
o kern/76538   geom       [gbde] nfs-write on gbde partition stalls and continue
o kern/83464   geom       [geom] [patch] Unhandled malloc failures within libgeo
o kern/84556   geom       [geom] GBDE-encrypted swap causes panic at shutdown
o kern/87544   geom       [gbde] mmaping large files on a gbde filesystem deadlo
o kern/89102   geom       [geom_vfs] [panic] panic when forced unmount FS from u
o bin/90093    geom       fdisk(8) incapable of altering in-core geometry
o kern/90582   geom       [geom_mirror] [panic] Restore cause panic string (ffs_
o kern/98034   geom       [geom] dereference of NULL pointer in acd_geom_detach 
o kern/104389  geom       [geom] [patch] sys/geom/geom_dump.c doesn't encode XML
o kern/113419  geom       [geom] geom fox multipathing not failing back
o misc/113543  geom       [geom] [patch] geom(8) utilities don't work inside the
o kern/113957  geom       [gmirror] gmirror is intermittently reporting a degrad
o kern/115572  geom       [gbde] gbde partitions fail at 28bit/48bit LBA address

14 problems total.

Non-critical problems

S Tracker      Resp.      Description
o bin/78131    geom       gbde "destroy" not working.
o kern/79251   geom       [2TB] newfs fails on 2.6TB gbde device
o kern/94632   geom       [geom] Kernel output resets input while GELI asks for 
f kern/105390  geom       [geli] filesystem on a md backed by sparse file with s
o kern/107707  geom       [geom] [patch] add new class geom_xbox360 to slice up 
p bin/110705   geom       gmirror control utility does not exit with correct exi
o kern/113837  geom       [geom] unable to access 1024 sector size storage
o kern/113885  geom       [geom] [patch] improved gmirror balance algorithm
o kern/114532  geom       GEOM_MIRROR shows up in kldstat even if compiled in th
o kern/115547  geom       [geom] [patch] for GEOM Eli to get password from stdin

10 problems total.

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