graid5 compilation problem

deniswork at deniswork at
Thu May 3 23:28:46 UTC 2007

Thanks, this help!
Another question: where graid5 store it settings?
by mistake I added 3 discs instead of 4.
And when I try to remove disc from raid array,
$graid5 remove disc provider
remote PC don't answer, and I must call to data-center to order ip-kvm
to make reboot.

I just wonder, can I remove some file, to clear up graid5 settings,
and create my raid in proper way.

Thanks for help!

> OK...

> U should install ur sbin src tree first...
> U can use sysinstall for that...
> Then u can unpack geom_raid5.tbz again and compile it...

> -Arne

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