How do I gmirror slices?

Hansa mythtv at
Mon Jan 29 15:29:18 UTC 2007

> > So I have to tell the bootmgr where it is located. Don't I?
> >
> Hmm... I dont think so... There is the first sector of the disk,
> that is read
> by the BIOS, then there are 8KB somewhere at a fixed position
> outside the file
> system... And I think those 8KB are already able to
> understand/read UFS... :-)
Thats easy. Cool!

> > gstripe or gconcat? Which of those is the better choice?
> >
> Depends... gstripe has better performance, if it can issue
> requests for all
> disks... But gconcat can use the full space of disks of non-equal
> size (minus
> one sector per disk for meta data of course)...
I want to use the remainder of the mirrored drives for striping, so I guess
gconcat is the better choice. Also since all data on it will be read/written
via the network interface (100Mb) performance won't be much of an issue.

Thanks again.

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