gmirror flags?

Oliver Fromme olli at
Thu Oct 12 00:33:31 PDT 2006

Charles Sprickman wrote:
 > One thing I'm not finding documented that's got me a little puzzled is the 
 > "Flags" field in the "gmirror list" output.  I dug around in the source a 
 > bit, but I'm not fluent enough to find the answer there...
 > I noticed that on a newly-created, or newly-booted array that all 
 > providers are marked "DIRTY".  After some time that changes to "NONE".
 > What does "DIRTY" mean in this context?

It means that some data that has been written hasn't yet
been synchronized to all consumers.  It's normal that you
see "DIRTY" on an active filesystem.

 > And just a quick one, I was able to setup a mirror on a remote box without 
 > dipping into single-user.  It worked without issue (build kernel with 
 > geom_mirror, label first disk, edit fstab, reboot, add second disk to 
 > array).  I'm guessing this might not be recommended, but what are the 
 > risks in doing this on a live machine?

I've done that several times, too.  I don't think there's a
particular risk.  In fact, I think the Handbook chapter on
gmirror suggests that it can be done in multi-user mode.

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