partition before or after gconcat?

Jeremy C. Reed reed at
Sat Mar 18 00:23:10 UTC 2006

I have 4 disks with around 1.5 TB available.

I will be dividing this up for a few different services. Each of these 
will have a set amount of disk space.

I plan on using geom labeling and then use gconcat later if needing to add 
new physical disks. (I have experience with glabel, gconcat and growfs but 
not with huge disks.)

I need to have mounted file systems limited to certain amounts of 
diskspace, such as my web server with only 20GB and a file server (on same 
system) with only 150GB for example.

Should I use 1) bsdlabel to create partitions and use separate geom labels 
for each? or 2) use bsdlabel on the geom label itself and then mount the 
/dev/label/*[abd] partitions instead?

The procedure for adding new disk space to a partition should be same 
easy. Both ways appear to work, but is one more reliable? Do any of you 
actively use bsdlabel partitioned geom labels?


 Jeremy C. Reed

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