encrypting existing partitions/disks

Ronnel P. Maglasang rmaglasang at infoweapons.com
Fri Jul 29 06:26:28 GMT 2005

What you mean everything? There's not much
in there, the sample is a clean (new) disk.
Anyways, I already figured it out, you just have to
move the data on the disk, gbde-encrypt the disk
and move the data back. The one I've mentioned
below works.

Thanks for the feedback.

Ozgur Ozdemircili wrote:

>Did you check out
>tml ?
>It clearly explains everything.
>Ozgur Ozdemircili
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>Subject: encrypting existing partitions/disks
>>Has anyone wrote a how-to or a guick guide on how
>>to encrypt an existing partition/disk using gbde?
>>I've tried to search in the net but i cudn't find
>>any. Is it possible to just move the existing data
>>on my disk, cleanup the disk and encrypt using gbde,
>>attach to the system, then move back the data to the now
>>encrypted disk.
>>- ronnel
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