can't reattach gbde slice

DOT dot at
Mon Aug 16 11:19:27 PDT 2004


I'm using GBDE on laptop everyday from six months and it never fails,
so I feel free to store all my sensitive data on encrypted slice (ad0s3
- my home directory).

Today something really bad happens and I can't attach it anymore. I
can't even discover what's the reason because there are/were no error
messages, system boot and run without problem, my brain isn't corrupted,
hardware looks fine too. I know it for sure, passphrase is good.

Only one thing comes to my mind - yesterday I've run some livecd linux
distribution.. just looked around and shutdown - but I'm not sure, could
it overwrite something? If so, how can I check this? Or, most important
to me, is there any chance to fix this?

If You need more detailed informations please tell me what to do.

Michal Bartkowiak

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