Build instructions for firefox

Beat Gaetzi beat at
Tue Apr 27 19:22:08 UTC 2010


Super Biscuit wrote:
>  Forgive me for bothering you.Is there a set of instructions available for building firefox on a ppcG3 machine? Make install dies at libxul/xulrunner even after I disabled java xpcom. Build results are the same for all mozilla-firefox dependent browsers- kazehakase and midori have the same results. Present system is 9.0 SNAPSHOT powerpc. System RAM 386M with 374M available. 400mHz G3/750.

Do you use a port (like www/firefox) for building firefox? As far as I
know all firefox ports should build on PowerPC. If not please provide
the build output where the build breaks, custom settings in
/etc/make.conf and the output of "make showconfig".


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