ZFS (Solaris 11 source 'leaked')

Jason Hellenthal jhell at DataIX.net
Tue Jan 3 17:56:18 UTC 2012

Ethics are trouble for you arent they ?

On Tue, Jan 03, 2012 at 01:30:19AM -0500, grarpamp wrote:
> >> Some recent news of interest to the ZFS and open source crowd.
> >> Has Oracle confirmed this yet?
> >
> > I'm sorry - but are you joking?
> No one is joking.
> It is merely a mention of news of interest.
> No one is saying anything about any company.
> Any company may do as it wishes when it wishes.
> This is not intended to spark a flood/rehash.
> It is purely informational for those not in the know.
> There are many situations in which developers, students, doc/spec
> writers, journalists and so forth may make good and taint free use
> of this file. And also good unproveable use. And also get themselves
> and/or their projects in trouble. To each their own. Consult an authority.
> Here are some hashes as observed in the wild. That is all.
> SHA1 946d94114d381ed292e68d89f0b34242468491c3 solaris11.tar.bz2
> MD5 b0b053c0a0316668cc4f90100e1b0353 solaris11.tar.bz2
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