"can't load 'kernel'" on ZFS root

Andriy Gapon avg at FreeBSD.org
Wed Sep 7 09:20:21 UTC 2011

on 07/09/2011 10:35 Artem Belevich said the following:
> It makes me wonder, though -- if we're probing devices anyways, why is
> zpool.cache existence mandatory? According to the name it's a *cache*,
> presumably to speed up zpool detection on a normal boot. Perhaps we
> can fall back to probing all drives if zpool.cache is missing. Slower
> boot definitely beats no booting at all.

Very good point indeed.

Pawel, Martin, do you know how the relevant code works?  I suspect that you do
:-)  Maybe this could be improved trivially?...

Andriy Gapon

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