Default inode number too low in FFS nowadays?

Adam McDougall mcdouga9 at
Thu Nov 3 15:27:36 UTC 2011

On 11/03/11 05:41, Borja Marcos wrote:
> And the /usr was small because I need a lot of room for /var.

The way you've described the issue sounds like it concerns mainly just 
ports, so perhaps a ports-specific adjustment like below is appropriate 
and an easy solution for any admin with sufficient inodes available on a 
partition of their choosing?  I am concerned about the drawbacks 
(performance) of increasing the ratio of inodes on /usr just to 
accommodate an optional and somewhat flexible component.

I've been setting this for many years now even when it is not a space 
concern on /usr, it keeps my /usr/ports tree clean and puts all the 
"junk" in a location I can easily clean out:


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